Vi søger Restaurant Managers, Assistant Managers og tjenere (fuld- og deltids) til København, Nordsjælland, Roskilde og Odense. Har du en positiv energi og brænder du for at yde god service? Så er det måske dig vi leder efter.
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We base our culture on three values:

Happiness. The feeling of being together and making someone happy is invaluable. We want to provide the settings for making that happen.

Feel good. We take service seriously. In a cozy manner. We will teach you basic skills about people and service. How to be an attentive host and to make other people feel good. You, your colleagues and every single customer should leave Wokshop a little happier.

Give back. Thailand is inspiring us every day. That’s why we want to give something back to the country. And the same aspect goes between us. The more you “give” (smile, engagement, attitude) the more you receive back.


And we have three simple “mantras” we strive for every day:

Have a great day. Smile – simply smile. It’s free and a positive attitude is contagious. It will make you, your colleagues and our customers happier. So make it a great day. Have fun at work. And give our customers an experience they will never forget.

We are family. We trust in you. As you should trust in us – your colleagues. Alone you can do a good job but together we can accomplish everything. We listen. We care. We trust. We help. We are Wokshop family.

Go (coco)nuts. Energy and ‘nerve’ come from being active. So make yourself busy. Help wherever you can. Put extra attention to details, to guests, to colleagues. Hey, surprise us. And keep on smiling while you go nuts.