Children are always welcome at Wokshop.
In our children’s menu you will find Thai food, which we know from experience that children like.
Try also our kids kit which is a menu with some of the kids favorite Thai dishes. You can order the kids kit for takeaway and dining in our restaurants.

kids kit - children's favourite

Kids box

Sticks of cucumber and carrot with Thai yogurt dip. L
Fried rice with chicken, broccoli, carrot and egg.
Choose between chicken meatballs or spring rolls
including dip and a sweet surprise.
kr. 85

small dishes
for kids

Raw vegetable sticks

Raw vegetable sticks
Cucumber & carrot sticks served
with Thai yogurt dip.
kr. 35

Shrimp chips
Crispy and airy shrimp chips.
Served with sweet chilli sauce.
kr. 45

Chicken meatballs with tamarind sauce

Chicken meatballs with tamarind sauce
Saftige kyllingekødboller med forårsløg og løg.
Serveres med tamarindsauce og sesamfrø. 3 stk.
kr. 75

Chicken satay

Chicken satay
Pieces of marinated chicken on a stick.
Served with peanut sauce. 3 pieces.
kr. 75

Spring rolls

Spring rolls
Crispy spring rolls with chicken, potatoes, carrot, glass noodles and white cabbage.
Served with sweet chilli sauce. 3 pieces.
kr. 75

Kids portion - Fried rice with chicken

Chicken fried rice
Chicken fried in wok with jasmine rice, broccoli, carrot, egg and spring onion.
Topped with cucumber and lime.
Choose between white or brown jasmine rice.
kr. 79

Kids portion - Fried noodles with beef

Fried noodles with beef
Thinly sliced beef fried in a wok with rice noodles, eggs, Thai kale, bean sprouts, spring onions and broccoli.
kr. 79

Kids portion - Yellow curry chicken

Yellow chicken curry
Mild yellow curry with chicken and coconut milk.
Served with white jasmine rice. GF
kr. 79

Pancake with ice cream

Pancake with ice cream
Pancake (VG) with creamy, condensed milk sauce. L
To this, a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Hansens. L, V, GF
kr. 70